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The Program:  Rooted program (formally known as ReSET) offers young vulnerable women, a safe environment, free from the violence and other challenging circumstances they face, so they may learn the necessary skills required to rebuild their lives. This is why FUSE first eliminates any risk of homelessness through our onsite residential housing for the woman and her baby, followed by offering a selection of support services that yield positive outcomes.

Program Goals & Objectives:  FUSE provides the women, who are between 18-23 years of age, with a safe base to work from, while offering life skills and connecting them to community resources that will offer the ongoing support they need.  Our approach addresses the whole person and benefits both the woman and her child.  Young women facing an unplanned pregnancy have a difficult time finding options to support their decision to parent. 

Program Activities:  FUSE employs the Rooted program that utilizes Life Coaches to facilitate evidence-based practices and research-driven interventions to our clients, such as trauma-informed care and trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy to help them overcome their challenges and meet their goals.  Additionally, core components that distinguish the Rooted program and help ensure success among the women we serve include:

  • Intensity:  Small caseloads with a one-to-one young adult/peer coach, and a minimum of one in-person session per week, followed by additional communications throughout the week

  • Comprehensive Services:  Staff guides women toward the resources that will help them achieve their goals through education, employment, housing, permanency, and basic independent living skills. 

  • Youth-Driven: Women have input into their service plans, goal development, and group activities.

  • Training and Supervision: Staff receives extensive on-the-job training, as well as weekly group supervision and consultation with quarterly boosters and other training, as needed.

  • Formalized Program Model:  Rooted uses evidence-based interventions as clinically necessary.

  • Program Evaluation: Nehemiah house further assesses our clients at six, 12, and 24month intervals after they’ve completed the Rooted program.

  • Philosophy: Staff members are expected to achieve successful outcomes with clients through the Rooted program and report findings on a monthly basis. 

  • Collaboration: The Rooted program works closely with other support systems in the region to help ensure that consistent and effective services are provided.


Recent Program Outcomes:  Women finding permanent housing, obtaining a driver's license, a donated vehicle, and securing stable employment. One woman received her certification at a local community college as a Dental Assistant, who is gainfully employed full time above minimum wage. Under 3 years of being homeless and in a crisis pregnancy, became a home multi-family with assistance from FUSE connecting through a local partner, Scott Lewis Realty who helped her through the NACA program. FUSE is committed to empowering young women to lead the way for their own success and committed to forging collaborative networks that can assist in successful outcomes for these vulnerable women.

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